We are NFTOTPT team

We are the first NFT output (NFT to product) team in Japan!
Our vision is to offer one-of-a-kind Japanese production of all products!

Holders want to collaborate with us on product planning, design, promotion and other future growth!
We will promote NFTOTPT to the world and showcase the power of Japanese products!

In the future we plan to reward NFTOTPT holders!

0% NFTOTPT Launch

Watch the launch of NFTOTPT with your team and fans!

25% Framed products (all wood products made in Japan)

You actually own your NFT collection!

50% Access to exclusive content

Private Discord and other Invitation!

75% Invitation to NFT Exhibition Event

Invitation to domestic NFT exhibition event & exclusive products for the holder!

100% NFTOTPT’s second product offering is now available.

Launch of NFT fashion brand (item lineup to be discussed by NFTOTPT DAO team)
Theme “Your only one Fashion!”